Practice Makes Perfect

How We Can Help

"I need my partner to understand my point of view."

Let us help you. Our friendly actors are trained to facilitate both personal and business scenarios. 

Tell them all they need to know about your situation, to make the conversation as realistic and authentic as possible.

"I need to make amends with a co-worker."

Practise on us, not your colleagues. 

Get helpful feedback from our actors and learn how you come across. Use your session to try out different ways of approaching your scenario to find the most effective way of achieving the best outcome.

An Award Winning Service
Winner of the 'Cutting Edge' Category at the National Restorative Practice Awards 2017

"I would do it again, as much as I possibly can."

Amy - Participant

Turn your weak 

points into 



Repeat areas you need to improve, stop for feedback anytime, make mistakes and try again. We're on your side.

 Practise anytime, from anywhere...





We're ready to help. 

Watch and learn...

Receive FREE and confidential access to a video recording of your session*. Don't worry, you're not obliged to watch it or share it - but trust us, it's a real game changer for most people.

*Available for a limited time only. 


How Do I Book?

1. Book your session(s) at a date and time that suits you.

2. Tell us about your personal scenario.

3. Add any details and reference material, to ensure the actor is prepared and can make your session as authentic as possible.

4. Sign in to your video call session and practise with our friendly actors.

Get the Outcome You Want

Practise On Us

30 minutes of detailed, authentic practice, tailored to your personal scenario. Book quickly and easily online...

Cost :  £45.00


What Do Our Clients Say?
After using our service 100% of clients say they feel more confident in approaching their personal scenario.
We asked our users to describe their experience in three words, here's what just some of them said...

It only takes minutes to book online...

"Challenging, affirming, enjoyable"


Secondary-school Teacher

"Confidence-building, encouraging,




Restorative Justice Practitioner 

"Invaluable, challenging,




Social Enterprise 


"Positive, enjoyable, reassuring"


Training Provider


very real,




Business Manager

"Helpful, insightful, confidence-boosting"


Production Manager