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Whether they lead, follow or support.

It's all about human resources. Practice on us, not on eachother.

We offer employee and student communications training for challenging conversations, leadership, sales, customer service and better workplace culture. Scalable, accessible, scenario based learning tailored to your exact requirements.
AvatarJo can help you deliver training to any number of staff at anytime, from anywhere. We provide live role-play sessions, via video call, for one-to-one or group training. Up-skilling people via live via video scenario based learning, allows attendees to increase confidence, skill and self awareness that delivers instant results.
Session recordings allow for further reflection, assessment, coaching and mentoring. See examples and testimonials below or contact us now to find out how we can help you.

How We Can Help

Customer Services



Human Resources : Difficult Staff Conversations


We have used Avatarjo on a number of management development events to play out scenarios and offer a safe space for managers to explore different ways of tackling difficult staff conversations. Colleagues from Avatarjo have always made sure scenarios are pertinent to the need and don’t just present an off the shelf experience so satisfaction ratings are always high and good outcomes assured. “ 

Charles Marson, 

Head of employee Relations and HR Business Partnering, 

Falmouth University. 


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Customer Service

Customer Service : Handling Complaints.


“Myself and the rest of the team found the AvatarJo training really helpful and although it sounds like anyone’s worst nightmare it was actually the complete opposite. We all came away having learnt something. Lois commented that at the end of most of the complaint calls since, they have then apologised for calling to complain and the conversation has ended positively." 

Jessica Eddy,

Front of House Supervisor, FX Plus


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Leadership Management


Leadership Management : Managing employee performance

“Thank you for your proactive support and input to the "Making Challenging Conversations Work" workshop - both in the run up and on the day.  Really excellent.  The combination of video clip observation, live role-play and group observation seemed to work really well with the group.   In their feedback, two of them said that they would have liked more role-play which is a credit to the actors. A couple of them also said that the workshop exceeded their expectations - often people can come dreading this type of topic” 


Kathryn Miller,

HR Consultant.

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Conflict  Management

Conflict Management : An award winning solution.

Watch our Restorative Justice case study video to see the potential value of training conflict management facilitation. This highly valuable skill can not only help resolve conflict, but empower those involved to be part of the solution. The long-term time and cost savings are obvious, reducing stress, re-building broken relationships, building respect and understanding between people is a game changer for so many situations.

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Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice :  RJ Practitioner Training, for community and offender sector professionals.


Winner of the Cutting Edge Category of the

Restorative Practice Awards 2017

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Restorative Justice :  RJ Practitioner Training, for community and offender sector professionals.

Winner of the Cutting Edge Category of the Restorative Practice Awards 2017

Contact us to discuss your needs and get a quote. 



Employability : Interview Practice for professionals and students.

"It was great to be able to do it all from the comfort of your own home. I have a huge sense of confidence boosting and a great insight to how I come across in an interview situation."

Alex, Production Manager

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Women in Business

Women in Business: Supporting and championing female contribution.

"Honest, very real, excellent"


Interim Head of Secretariat 

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Coaching &

Coaching and Mentoring :  Guided user led learning.

Coaching and mentoring is the fastest growing sector for self led learning. Our via video scenario based sessions are an ideal way to see how someone functions in real life situations. Session recordings can be reviewed by mentees and mentors offering a powerful learning package by combining real life practice, reflection by the mentee and review, evaluation and guidance from a mentor, coach or tutor.  This works equally well for individual coaching arrangements and group learning requirements.

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Business Conversations
Business Conversations

Business Conversations and mentoring: Experiential learning for complex conversations.


"The actor had absorbed the script and committed herself totally to the role therefore I was presented with a realistic version of the character I needed her to be. This gave me confidence and allowed me to relax further and focus on what I wanted to say and do."

Jane, Hands Up Penryn


Business conversations can be complex, the detail is important. Live via video scenario based sessions are totally realistic and can be as challenging as you want them to be. The exciting learning and development opportunities come with how you can utilise the video recording and bespoke feedback options, see our AJOPLUS services for Video and Feedback options.

Coaching and mentoring/
Business Conversations

Education : Business and Entrepreneurship Student Communications training.


“The two actors were excellent (again) and the students really enjoyed their session. Once again please thank them from me and I hope we can do it again next year!" 

Jane Abraham,

Work Place Health Tutor, Exeter University Business School.


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Pitch Training


University of Exeter
RJ Working Restorative Justice
Falmouth University
University of Exeter
St Austell Brewery
Creative England
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