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Award Winning Online Interview Practice

Why practice your interview via video call? 

Practice enables us to;


  • Learn what works and what doesn't

  • Get the freedom to fail without negative consequences

  • Turn good technique into welcome habit.


Research shows that the best performing experts practise more than their less able colleagues.​Yes,"practice makes perfect", but when it comes to practising interviews, it's not much use practising in the mirror. That's why we created a service where you can practise your interviews with an actor, LIVE, via video call.


 Practise anytime, from anywhere...





We're ready to help. 

Turn your weak 

points into 



Repeat areas you need to improve, stop for feedback anytime, make mistakes and try again. We're on your side.

Watch and learn...

Receive FREE and confidential access to a video recording of your session worth £20*. Don't worry, you're not obliged to watch it or share it - but most of our clients find it an invaluable tool.

*Available for a limited time only. 

Book a session in minutes.

1. Select a date and time that suits you.

2. Tell us about your interview situation.

3. Add any interview requirements, job descriptions, websites and details.

4. Sign in to your video call session and practise with our friendly actors.

"Positive, enjoyable, reassuring"


Training Provider


very real,




Business Manager

"Helpful, insightful, confidence-boosting"


Production Manager

What people say...

After using our service 100% of clients say they feel more confident and more able to represent themselves well at interview.

 Here's how some of our users described our service in 3 words...

"Challenging, affirming, enjoyable"


Secondary-school Teacher

"Confidence-building, encouraging,




Restorative Justice Practitioner 

"Invaluable, challenging,




Social Enterprise 


...being at your best under pressure.

...standing out from the other candidates. more long-winded answers or muddled words.

...handling curveball questions, skillfully.

...feeling more relaxed and in control.

...knowing exactly how you are coming across.


Rebecca, Finance Manager

I feel so happy! I am more confident how I came across now than I was before. The feedback about how I came across was really good.

Ana, Teacher

I feel I have new confidence in answering unexpected questions. The actor made me feel like I could say anything and make braver/bolder responses to questions.

Alex, Production Manager

It was great to be able to do it all from the comfort of your own home. I have a huge sense of confidence boosting and a great insight to how I come across in an interview situation.

Let nothing get in your way, practise on us first.

Got questions?

We've got answers.

Give us a call on 01736 791751, or drop us an email at,and one of our team will be happy to help.

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