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NHS Co-designed SCA Exam Practice and Mastery Service. 
5+ hours of independent, guided learning, including a live online exam format role-play session.

CSA GP practice service

 GP Trainee 

Useful, professional, friendly.

What was the most helpful thing your actor did? Honest feedback and very encouraging. Non judgemental. Space to be honest about my skills and how I can improve. The actor was very convincing and very friendly.

GP Trainee
Charlotte Rowe 

Supportive, safe experience. 


GP Trainee 

The whole experience was extremely useful. Giving a time out option was useful. Having a great actor who made you believe in the character, it was a much more real experience/ true to life than practicing with colleagues. Thank you so much for your time & help 

SCA : Via Video Simulated Patient Practice and Mastery Service. 
5+ hours of independent, guided learning, including a live online role-play session.
Based on Kolbs' Experiential  Learning Cycle. Confidence comes from practice.


Book a date & time 
for your 60 minute role-play session.


the scenario types you want included in yoursession



Attend your

60minute via video role-play session.

Practise 3 or 4  10minute consultations and get patient perspective feedback.




 After your session complete the short guided reflection form for your CPD log. 


Watch your session video recording  and take a more objective view of your skills. Calculate your score based on CSA/RCA criteria using the video evaluation form.

Get Feedback 


Time code

the video sections you want feedback on and send to your trainer/ nominated reviewer, all just by sharing links.



Good things come in threes and practice theory proves this gets great results

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Watch our SCA Role-play Service Guide

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SCA/RCA: GP Trainee Practice and Mastery Service 

  • Full range of SCA scenarios.

  • 3 x 12 minute consultation scenarios in one 60 minute session.

  • Shareable free cloud based recording to share with your trainer or independent assessor.

  • Fully structured reflection, scoring and learning process.

  • Increased confidence of via video consultation skills.

  • Attend from anywhere, at any time.

  • Book one off or multiple sessions.

  • Available 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week.

  • Diversity in role-play actors from across the UK.

  • 5+ Hours independent guided learning time per session booked.

  • Learn as individuals or as part of a local or national cohort

Your Avatarjo Trainer Account offers hassle free monitoring and management of trainee session recordings, feedback and assessment. Packages available for VTS schemes. Let the service take the strain and let us help your trainees make great progress with offsite, independent practice and learning. This service has an excellent track record with IMGs. To find out how, book a chat and demo with Dr Matt Bull, here.

Trainer and VTS Scheme Support

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"positive; stress-free; enjoyable"

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