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University of Plymouth 
Simulated Video Consultation Session

A half-day remote work placement for health and care
practitioners and students

Complete your placement hours from the comfort of your own home by following the instructions below. We are asking attendees to contribute to University of Plymouth research; more information is available here.

Who is this training offer for? 

If you are a University of Plymouth health student who cannot attend your placement for whatever reason, this training offer is for you. You could also be a health student interested in expanding your knowledge of video consultations.

Who is this training offer for?

Medicine years 3, 4, 5



Occupational Therapy




Which undergraduate students can
count the hours towards placement?




‌Not recommended for:


Dental hygiene


Medicine years 1&2



‌Which undergraduate students can use this service as an extra-curricular activity? 

Medicine years 3, 4, 5



Occupational Therapy

This activity will not count towards placement hours for these groups, as agreed with Placement Co-ordinators

See a session in action...

Image of a person on a video call
Video call icon

Book now using code: UOPAC22 
You must use your university email address to verify use of this code.

What content does the training cover?

  • Training material and tasks on telehealth rehabilitation approaches including:

‌a) Telerehabilitation toolkit ​
b) COVID-19 related resources​
c) identifying quality and reliable information online


  • 4 Hours training in total

  • ‌By the end of the simulated video consultation you will: 
    - have an understanding of how to deliver a video consultation
    - have delivered a video consultation, with a professional actor playing your patient
    - have an understanding of Long Covid, assessing mobility remotely, addressing mental health issues related to Long Covid,
    and helping patients with digital health

Structure of the day

  • 2.5 hours preparation before your live session

  • 30 minute live session with a professional actor

  • 1 hours worth of learning and reflection

About the research aspect

  • Answering research questions is optional. You can still complete the video consultation and access the training.

  • ‌We'd like to hear about your thoughts and experiences with simulated video consultations. This will be done through pre and post questionnaires, as well as an online focus group (all optional).

  • All data from research questions is anonymised

Research info

Participant information sheet

You can read the participant information sheet by clicking on the PDF link below.

When can I book?

Bookings are now open! Book now.


Sessions are available from

Mid October through to the end of November 2022


  We're ready to help you bring the human touch, as well as safety and professionalism to your  remote health or care conversations. Contact us now to get started.

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