NHS Midlands Outpatient Transformation Programme

Video Consultation Training Webinars: 
2 x 2 hour webinar course: 4 CPD points.

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A two-webinar course to empower clinicians to deliver video consultations that are: safe, efficient and positive. A combination of theory, data and best practice protocols are explored and demonstrated via live interactive simulated consultations.


Of the participants who have completed the webinar course so far, 70% surveyed after their first session reported feeling better equipped to conduct video consultations. Upon completion of the two-part training course, 99% of those surveyed reported that their confidence in hosting video consultations had improved.


'Excellent', 'effective' and 'informative' are just some of the words used by participants so far to describe their experience of the course.

Who is this training offer for? 

The webinar training is for NHS secondary care clinicians in the Midlands region. The training provides you with the opportunity to enhance your skills and confidence in delivering video consultations, helping you to create the best and safest video consultation experience for you and your patients. 


How much does the training cost?

Nothing. This webinar training is free to all secondary care clinicians in the Midlands region. Places are limited, so sign up soon to receive your voucher code, which you will need to bypass payment when booking.

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What content does the training cover?

As a clinician, you will learn how to measure, trust and apply your usual decision-making protocols, as well as practical hosting tips to ensure a confident and enjoyable consultation experience for you and your patients. All of which will bring efficiency and confidence to your use of video consultations.

You will learn:

1:  How to conduct video consultations safely.

2: How to use video consultations efficiently.

3: How to make video consultations a positive experience for both clinician and patient.

Webinar One:  Safe practice in action.

Exploring the challenges, getting solutions.

  • Patient pathway decision making.

  • Safeguarding essentials.

  • Medicolegal considerations.

  • Essential factors for gaining consent.

  • Self-care habits.

  • Peace of mind consultation habits.

Webinar Two:  Good hosting habits.

Good hosting habits. How to create high quality, reassuring consultations.

  • Practical, environmental and technical steps for consistent patient experience.

  • Remote rapport for rapid and high quality information gathering.

  • Adaptive strategies for patients with communication barriers.

  • Creating a positive remote culture for future appointments.

Dates and booking: (more dates being added soon)

Course 1:
Wednesday 30th March 6 -8pm + Wednesday 6th April 6 - 8pm
Course 2:
Thursday 28 April 1-3pm + Thursday 5 May 1-3pm
Course 3:
Wednesday 18 May 1-3pm + Wednesday 25 May 1-3pm
Course 4:
Thursday 16 June 1-3pm + Thursday 23 June 1-3pm
Course 5:
Wednesday 6 Jul 1-3pm + Wednesday 13 Jul 1-3pm
Course 6:
Thursday 15 Sept 1-3pm + Thursday 22 Sept 1-3pm

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is providing the training?

The training is delivered by an established training provider called AvatarJo. For more information, please visit their website: https://www.avatarjo.co.uk/

Do I need any video consultation experience to do the training?

No, the training is suitable for all clinicians regardless of their previous video consultation experience.

Is the training offer only for specific clinicians, specialties, and is it dependent on which video consultation platform I use?

The training is suited to all secondary care clinicians who would like to enhance their skills in delivering video consultations. 


The training is not speciality specific and will teach general principles that can be applied to any speciality, using any video consultation platform. 


How much does the training cost? 

The training is available free to all secondary care clinicians in the Midlands region. Please note places are limited and therefore available on a first come first served basis. You will receive a voucher code when signing up, to use to bypass payment when booking.


Your place is fully funded by NHS England and Improvement Midlands Outpatient Transformation programme. To learn more about the team, what we do and how we can support please click the following link Elective Care & Outpatient Transformation Team - FutureNHS Collaboration Platform 


If you have any questions, please contact the team on midlands.opandec@nhs.net

Whilst attendance is free, you are asked to commit to attending both webinars and to let us know if for any reason you are no longer able to attend so that your place can be allocated to someone else. 

How do I book my place?

There are a limited number of places available which will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Before booking, please ensure you are available to attend both training sessions.


To book, please use this short form to self-declare your eligibility: https://bit.ly/NHSmidlandssignupform


Following sign up, you will be sent instructions to book your place, along with a voucher code to use to bypass payment when booking.

Do I have to attend both training sessions? 

Yes. The training is delivered over two webinar sessions with each session covering distinct themes: 1) Safe Practice and 2) Hosting Skills. 


You are required to attend both webinars and complete the post training survey to receive the 4 CPD point Video Consultations Skills Certificate.


Can I attend webinar one and two in separate training cohorts?

No. To optimise the learning experience, attendees must attend both parts of the training

What happens if I book and can't attend?

Please make every effort to attend both webinars. If for any reason you cannot attend, you can reschedule your place from your AvatarJo account up to 14 days prior to the training starting.  


If you need to cancel or reschedule with less than 14 days notice please contact AvatarJo at experience@avatarjo.co.uk to request a change of booking. Please note places are limited so your request will only be accommodated if there are places still available.

Do I need to prepare anything to attend?

You will be required to complete a short form as part of your application process. 


No assignments will be set for the duration of the training.

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