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Job Interview Practice - PLUSS
Your Service Guide
For a Smooth Training Experience

Below is a
guide You Can print off 
and some FAQ's below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to use my own contact details to book the session in the first instance?

Feedback from Change Coaches was that in some instances, they would like to be able to book the session quickly in a given moment and return to flesh out the details later that day.


Entering your client's details when you initially book the session would send that session to your client immediately, therefore removing the opportunity to edit the session details after the moment of booking.

Booking the session under your own details gives you a window to edit/reschedule/cancel the session before 'ownership' of the appointment is transferred to your client.

How do I access the feedback my client gave after the session?

Once your client has completed their session, you will be able to access their feedback by clicking on the title of their booking under the heading 'Sent Sessions' in the AvatarJo Booking Portal

I want to amend or reschedule a session but I have already sent it on to my client! What do I do now?

The quickest way to to ask your client to use the re-schedule function on the booking in the portal. However if that is not an option or you need assistance please contact us and we can reschedule or amend the session, subject to availability. Please note that sessions cannot be rescheduled less than 72 hours in advance of the original booking.

I don't understand the booking system/ I have some questions, can I speak to a real person?

Absolutely. Contact us and we can arrange a time to chat on the phone or via video call on Zoom or Teams. 

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