Championing & Supporting

Female Contribution

At AvatarJo, we celebrate the outstanding, unprecedented contribution of women to the business industry.

Our aim is to empower every woman to reach their full career potential. 


 Using role-play via video call, we can support you to approach the gender pay gap within your organisation, to achieve the value and respect you deserve and learn to get the best out of yourself and your colleagues, clients and customers. 

It's self-development like no other...

Get  Practice
30- to 45-minutes
devoted solely to your personal-development. 
Get  Feedback
Understand how you come across and how to get the outcomes you want.
Get Personal Excellence
Try different approaches and turn weaknesses into strengths.
Get Positive Outcomes
Discover how you can improve and nurture your business relationships.

Here are some of the ways our female users have used our service to gain confidence in addressing matters of gender equality and complex business conversations:​

  • Approaching the gender pay gap with an employer

  • Dealing with clients, stake-holders and customers

  • Putting oneself forward for promotion

  • Enforcing disciplinary action

  • Overcoming tension within work relationships

  • Finding the most effective way of closing a sale

  • Delivering the next important pitch

Hear from the women that tried it...

"Honest, very real, excellent" 



Interim Head of  Secretariat

"Worthwhile, valuable, constructive



Communications Officer 


enlightening, informative




"Fantastic, helpful, 






Turn your weak 

points into 



Repeat areas you need to improve, stop for feedback anytime, make mistakes and try again. We're on your side.

 Practise anytime, from anywhere...





We're ready to help. 

Watch and learn...

Receive FREE and confidential access to a video recording of your session*. Don't worry, you're not obliged to watch it or share it - but trust us, it's a real game changer for most people.

*Available for a limited time only. 

How do I book?

1. Book your session(s) at a date and time that suits you.

2. Tell us about the conversation you would like to practise.

3. Add any reference material and details.

4. Sign in to your video call session and practise with our qualified actor practitioners.

Booking a session is quick and easy...

Take your Opportunity
There's no time like the present. Booking takes minutes online.

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Get self-development like no other...


Use our Business Professionals service to practise your challenging business conversations. 30-minutes of one-to-one personal development.

£132 per session. £66 per 15 minutes.

Get more time for self-development...


Use our Business Professionals service to practise your challenging business conversations. 45-minutes of one-to-one personal development.

£174 per session. £58 per 15 minutes.

Make Personal Excellence a Habit 


We know that practice makes perfect, so why not get more practice for your money and let nothing get in your way? Buy three 30-minute Business Professionals sessions and practice, practice, practice your way to perfection.

£300 for three sessions. £50 per 15 minutes. Save £96.


WIBF Membership Discount

We are offering an exclusive discount on our 30-minute service for WIBF members. See your monthly newsletter for your exclusive discount codes. Don't forget to enter your code before you buy!


For more information or to speak personally to your WIBF advisor, please contact Tanja Hillbrink, at


"This really made a big difference to a challenge I was facing. A chance to prepare, practise and learn moved me on from feeling out of my depth, so that when it came to the actual meeting it felt like familiar territory."


"Working with AvatarJo is enabling us all to be better communicators, which is helping us and helping our clients too. It's a win-win investment with benefits that are incredibly easy to bring into the workplace."


"I went to AvatarJo for help with an interview where I felt I was going to be put in some really awkward situations. That did happen but I was prepared for it - the feedback really boosted my confidence. AvatarJo is a brilliant concept, so innovative and easy to use. The people were so personable and made it feel really easy."



"I have been working with Sarah Lincoln and her team for over 15 years as part of the consultation skills element of our GP training programme. The feedback from participants has been very positive. They value the opportunity to try out skills in a safe environment and get feedback from non doctors about the way they communicate. Working with professional actors has allowed us to be flexible with the clinical scenarios knowing they can adapt quickly and move in and out of role with ease.



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