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Welcome to the AvatarJo Video Consultation Skills Training Sign-up Page

Below is an overview of our remote consultation skills training options, you can review the information or simply select the book or enrol option for the services your organisation is providing for you.
When using a code/ voucher supplied to by your organisation you will NOT be charged.
You can book and access all AvatarJo services from one AvatarJo account in just a couple of clicks, and if you need support we have a page full of step by step explainer videos HERE.

As soon as you book a service you will be prompted to create an account, so feel free to go straight ahead and book your session or enrol on a course.


E-Learning Courses


Virtual Hug

Virtual Hug 1:  - Patient Care

Virtual Hug 2:  - Client and Community Care.

Accessible, 1 CPD point accredited, 50 minute course focusing on technical hosting confidence and soft skills, for video consulations.


The Principles of
Remote Consulting

Comprehensive, 4 CPD point accredited,  240 minute course, focusing on safe remote clinical practice.


Which course should I take? 

Virtual Hug is ideal for kick starting good remote consulting habits, and for those new to, or less experienced in remote consulting. It will help you smooth out some of the technical challenges and give you a solid understanding of how to deliver a good remote consultation experience​.

If you are a more experienced or confident clinician who is seeking clarification on safe and best practice from a clinical perspective then 'The Principles of Remote Consultation' is the one for you.

Can I or should I do both courses? 
Yes you can, if you do, we recommend doing Virtual Hug first.

Which Virtual Hug should I do?  Do I do both?

You just do one, they are the same course, except the scenarios and language in 'Patient Care' are more focussed on GP/Consultant conversations, where as as Virtual Hug 2 refers to 'Clients' and the scenarios are community care related, like OT's and Mental Health.​

How can I compare courses to help make a decision?

There is a comparison chart HERE


Webinars and Workshops


Remote Consulting Best Practice

2 x 2 hour Webinars.  4 CPD Points.

Two highly interactive, scenario based webinars, covering: theory, live examples of best and poor practice and plenty of opportunity for shared community learning. Boost your confidence to deliver efficient, safe and enjoyable video consultations.

Webinar 1:   Safe practice in action, exploring all the pitfalls and challenges, including medicolegal aspects of remote consulting, explored via a variety of scenarios. 

Webinar 2:   Hosting habits in support of self- care, high quality rapport building and information gathering, and peace of mind, for you and your patients.


Remote Consultations Made Easy

2 Hours. 2 CPD Points

Clear practical tasks and strategies are demonstrated and explored and then practiced in small group break out rooms with professional actors playing patients or clients.

These are fabulous safe spaces to explore different approaches, gain confidence and discover new ways of hosting highly impactful and rewarding video consultations.


Role-Play Sessions

Our brilliant community of diverse actors are ready and waiting to provide a supportive yet challenging, patient consultation practice session.

The Put It Into Practice service is designed specifically to focus on remote consulting challenges for your chosen scenario/s, in one, 40 minute, 1 to 1 role-play session.

You can upload or submit any patient scenario you wish.

Watch the explainer video to see the many ways in which this service can support your individual or organisational development of Video Call best practice.

Video library

Book Your Video Call
'Put It Into Practice'
Session Here

You will need a voucher code from your department to book this or you can book and pay yourself. You will be prompted to upload or create a scenario as part of the booking process, so you may want to think about that before you book.

If you require actors via video for your own training click here for further information.


Video Library

Watch Videos of Video Consultations

Filter and select videos by:

  • Specialism

  • Condition

  • Scenario

  • Patient age and gender

Subscribe per video or specialism, on a monthly or annual subscription.

Families Communicating Via Video Calls

Would You Like 6 Months FREE Access?

Help us build the library to meet your needs, simply submit your preferred consultation scenario HERE and we will give you 6 months free access to the the library.

No need to work in isolation or reinvent the wheel, learn from your fellow professionals.

Watch other real clinicians from your specialism delivering patient and client video consultations.

Help your team or department discover the best way to deliver Video Consultations. Watch, share and discuss.

See the top rated videos as voted for by your fellow health and care professionals.

All viewable from your AvatarJo Account.

Going live in February 2022

Video Call
Working from Home

Video Heroes Wanted

Are you a video hero? Are you delivering a high number of Video Consultations successfully?

Would you like get paid for delivering a video consultation with one of our professional role-play actors?

We are working with your NHS and other health and care colleagues to create a video library of Video Consultations for all disciplines and specialities.

Help us spread best practice and confidence by taking 1 hour out of your busy day to do a Video Consultation with an AvatarJo Actor to add to our resource library.

  We're ready to help you bring the human touch, as well as safety and professionalism to your  remote health or care conversations. Contact us now to get started.