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Helping healthcare professionals


for Video Consultations

AvatarJo provides actors for medical role-play and simulated patient practice, via video for the NHS and healthcare sector. We enable the development of caring, competent, confident and safe video consultation skills, in a flexible and supportive learning environment.

Choose between our e-learning solutions, live role-play training or a combination of both.

Video Consultation Skills


Video Consultation Skills

Virtual Hug

Tech confidence and soft skills for remote consultations.
Accredited online course.


Video Consultation Skills

The Principles of Remote Consultations.

With a patient safety focus, suitable for all healthcare professionals.

Accredited online course.

Video Conference



Video Consultation Skills

1 to 1, or 1 to many live role-play sessions & workshops with professional actors

For practice or assessment.

Compare e-learning Courses

Virtual Hug

- 1 CPD point


A rapid remote consultation skills course, with a soft skills and technical housekeeping focus, designed to build clinician confidence and patient rapport. 

Suitable for all healthand care professionals.


Time to complete: Around 45 minutes.

Learning Objectives

Participating clinicians will understand :

  1. How best to set up or use their remote setting and devices to provide a reliable and reassuring consultation.

  2. How soft skills can be applied to reassure and build meaningful rapport to aid information gathering.

  3. Patient perspective.

  4. A good housekeeping overview.

The Principles of Remote Consulting - 4 CPD points


A short, comprehensive course encompassing the key principles of current advice issued by a range of UK primary and secondary care bodies. It includes Medicolegal issues, with the primary focus being patient safety.


Time to complete: Around 180 minutes.

Learning Objectives

Participating clinicians will understand :

  1. The difference between face to face and remote consultations from a clinical perspective.

  2. How to safely manage patient consults             when practising ‘remotely’. 

  3. The pitfalls specific to remote consulting and
    how to avoid them.

  4. Patient Perspective.

  5. The Medicolegal aspects that arise in remote consultations.

Who we work with.

We work with:​

  • Medical Schools

  • GP Training

  • Primary Care

  • Secondary Care

  • All healthcare professionals

We deliver training  for:

  • Medical students.

  • Doctors

  • Consultants

  • Nurses

  • OT's

  • Care Workers

  • Reception and administration teams.

  • Dentists and more..

For Practice, Assessments & Exams

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AvatarJo have been delivering role-play training via video since 2016, we are the UK's leading specialist. Our actors are specially trained to work safely, reliably and professionally in a remote environment. We champion equality and diversity in our actor community to represent the people in yours.

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