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Whether they lead, follow or support. 

Here at AvatarJo we have been delivering remote, via video scenario based training, since 2014.

Our brilliant role-play actors bring training to life and help people develop authentic, confident, communication skills. We are the UK's only via video role-play training specialist.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

Workplace training, for HR, sales, customer service, leadership and  more...for remote teams.
Via video, specialist in simulated patient practise. Highly skilled role-play actors for NHS and healthcare sector.
Job Interviews, talking to teenagers, friends and neighbours... the conversations that matter to you.

"Working with AvatarJo is enabling us all to be better communicators, which is helping us and helping our clients too. It's a win-win investment with benefits that are incredibly easy to bring into the workplace."

Rachael, Poynton Bradbury Wynter Cole Architects - on our SME and Small Business Solutions Training Service.

Delivering Remote Training? Talk to the experts for outstanding results in your people to people training.  Reasons to add live

via video role-play sessions and/or workshops with highly skilled actors, to your online delivery are:

  • Quickly boosts confidence in online communication.

  • Brings genuine human, people skills to life.

  • It gets great results and attendee feedback - see here.


  • You get instant and detailed data on peoples communications challenges, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Use recorded sessions to review and mentor attendees remotely.

  • Integrate booking of sessions into your website or course.

  • Allow attendees to book their own sessions.

  • Get instant session feedback from clients and actors.

  • 30 minute to 2+ hour sessions.

  • Bookable 6am to 11pm.

  • Highly skilled actors working on HD video call sessions.

  • Test, assess and evaluate remotely.

  • Affordable, scalable & flexible.

  • Masterclasses at scale, to mass 1 to 1 sessions.

"It provides superb longitudinal learning opportunities with multiple potential training applications across all healthcare teams. "

GP Trainer, Dr Matt Bull. 2019.


1 to 1 role-play via live video call

Via Video Medical team training.

1 to Many, role-play

via live video call

Video Conference

Via Video Specialist

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