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100's or even 1000's of people at once, engaged, witnessing and responding to live demonstrations of remote, video and tele-health scenarios. Get the conversations going about, best practice, safety and bring community learning out into the open.

"Sarah (Green) is clearly an exemplary tutor and professional and I would love to learn more from her expertise in this area. She appears to have an innate understanding of the clinicians perspective and also their challenges. Everything Sarah brought to the session was excellent."

"Brilliantly presented. Wonderful actors, very appropriate scenarios."

Interactive Webinar for St John and St Elizabeth Hospital London. June 2021.




Large scale or small team, skills and scenario based workshops with multiple break rooms covering relevant scenarios. Boost confidence, morale and understanding of the potential and appropriate use of remote consultations.


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Scroll through some real and recent, workshop attendee feedback below

Remote Consultations Skills Workshop
Remote Consultations Skills Workshop

"Really useful opportunity to learn from others"

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Remote Consultations Skills Workshop
Remote Consultations Skills Workshop

"Enlightening and relaxing"

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Remote Consultations Skills Workshop
Remote Consultations Skills Workshop

"Lovely, amazing, fantastic"

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Remote Consultations Skills Workshop
Remote Consultations Skills Workshop

"Really useful opportunity to learn from others"

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Role-Play, Simulated Patient Scenarios, via Video

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Role-Play Actors

Dedicated NHS co-designed video consulting practice service with live online video role-play actors.

AvatarJo have been delivering role-play training via video since 2014, we are the UK's leading specialist. Our actors are specially trained to work safely, reliably and professionally in a remote environment. We champion equality and diversity in our actor community to represent the people in yours.

Video Consulting Practice

Teams and specialities are using our video call 
'Put It Into Practice' service to:

  • Boost confidence.

  • Determine best practice.

  • Determine safe practice.

  • Learn and share together.

    Let us tell you how it works... or watch the video.



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3 E-Learning courses



1: Virtual Hug - Clinical,
2: Virtual Hug - Care.
Accessible, 1 CPD point accredited course focusing on technical hosting confidence and soft skills.


3: The Principles of Remotes Consulting. A comprehensive, 4 CPD point accredited course focusing on safe remote clinical practice.

Remote consultation skills training

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Virtual Hug Patient or Community Care versions - 1 CPD point



A rapid remote consultation/appointment skills course, with a soft skills and technical housekeeping focus. Designed to build clinician/carer confidence and patient or client rapport, for a more consistent professional and reassuring experience.
Suitable for all health and care professionals.
Time to complete: Around 50 minutes.
24/7 online access for 'in your own time', modula, flexible completion

Learning Outcomes

Participating clinicians will acquire improved understanding and confidence in:

  • How best to set up or use their remote setting and devices to provide a reliable and reassuring consultation

  • How soft skills can be applied to reassure and build meaningful rapport to aid information gathering

  • A variety of patient perspectives, to enable a stress free patient and clinician experience

  • Good remote hosting habits, and be able to download a useful 'Best Practice', pdf guide

The Principles of Remote Consulting - 4 CPD points



A comprehensive course encompassing the key principles of current advice issued by a range of UK primary and secondary care bodies. It includes Medicolegal issues, with the primary focus being patient safety. Created in partnership with Healthcare Skills International.
Time to complete: Around 240minutes. 
24/7 online access for 'in your own time', modula, flexible completion.

Learning Outcomes

Participating clinicians will gain:

  • A better understanding the difference between face to face and remote consultations from a clinical perspective

  • Clarification of safe management, with insights into the specific pitfalls of remote consulting and how to avoid them

  • Enhanced patient perspective, via video examples, to maximise the added value of Video Calls for both patient and clinician

  • Clarification on the Medicolegal aspects that arise in remote consultations

  • Top tips for self-care and peace of mind habits and a downloadable - 'Best Practice', pdf guide

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Video Library - Coming February 2022


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