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COVID19: "Beware Super Hero Syndrome"

Beware SUPER HERO SYNDROME. Times of crisis deliver huge amounts of adrenalin, which is designed to help us move more quickly but not necessarily, think more wisely. In a time when the NHS becomes a gold plated hero factory, and rightly so, it needs to be someone’s job to ensure that the combination of ‘caped crusaders’ in tech adoption and our default, ‘stick to what I know in a crisis’ habits, do not leave behind important and highly valued wisdom, that in print, the NHS says is important.

Although my business, AvatarJo will benefit greatly from the migration to via video consultations, I am witnessing a significant disregard for NHS priorities in developing and testing patient feedback loops or providing adequate communications training to front line staff.

As a data driven sector, the sheer volume of communications is indicative that small changes can make a big difference and it is therefore worth spending at least a small amount of time and resources on simulated training, to elicit not just time saving communication habits, but emotional safe guarding communication habits for clinical staff. They deserve an emotional PPE kit and collectively the COVID19 Call To Arms Forum, of which I am part, has the resources to deliver it. I hope someone has the authority make this part of the call to arms…. or should it be ‘call to care’?

There’s a macho aspect to a lot of language at the moment, we should reflect on that.

Our behaviour saves lives. Our behaviour is impacted most by communication. If time is of the essence, if lives are important, if clinician well-being is important, then this is my heads-up; test, get feedback, tweak and share the communication data at the same rate as the infection levels etc. and ensure the essence of being human stands side by side with progress in other areas. Just imagine the legacy of that work.

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