An Interview with a Medical Student: @the.sassy.medic

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

For #TakeoverTuesday, we interviewed @the.sassy.medic, who shared some thoughts with us about how she feels as a Med Student during this time. Her reflections were insightful, and we would love to share them with you all.

When asked if this pandemic has made her question or reconsider studying medicine at times, she replied that it has not “in no way whatsoever.” She continued to say “If anything, it has made me even more passionate about my career and the people I can help. I’ve always had a realistic view of Medicine and know that pandemics are incredibly challenging, but they are a part of a career in healthcare.”

She spoke about the countless amazing stories she has heard during the pandemic. However, for her, the most inspirational thing she has seen is “the way members of the public and businesses have got behind the emergency services and the NHS. Across the country people have been dropping off fresh food and treats to staff havens and ambulance stations! Seeing the huge positive impact this has had on frontline workers’ well-being has been incredible!”

Speaking about the difficulties of communicating with patients whilst in PPE, she states how it is important to remember that it can be nerve-racking for the patients and that those “who communicate via lip reading can feel incredibly isolated.”

“Lockdown as a medical student has been challenging. Changing to online learning hasn’t been something I’ve found easy[…]”

After we asked her about how she has coped with her studies, she shared that “lockdown as a Medical Student has been challenging.” She has not found the transition to online learning an easy one. However, she is very grateful to her university for trying to provide her with the same content that she would have had if face-to-face teaching was still available. Then, speaking about how she has been looking after her mental health, she shared that “I have been talking to my family on a regular basis. Walking my dogs has allowed me to get out of the house daily, they have really helped boost my mood when I have been feeling down. I have also been trying to make the most of the time at home by finishing jobs around the house that I haven’t had time to do while at university.”

Finally, when asked if she feels she has grown because of this experience, she explained that “it has made me appreciate things more, especially the small things!”

Thank you again to @the.sassy.medic for her time. It was really amazing to hear about her personal experience.

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