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Online Communications Training

Welcome to the AvatarJo website! Thanks for taking a look at what we do.

We deliver award winning, person to person communication training, for situations like: Doctor/patient conversations, job interview practice, conflict management, people management, sales training, therapeutic services, customer services and more.

If you need to improve confidence or skill in person-to-person communication, we can help. We specialise in 'remote/via video communication' and all our services are delivered remotely.


We offer human centric, friendly, supportive learning opportunities that focus on enabling great conversations, that build great relationships, in teams or with colleagues or clients. Our core output is 'Confidence'; we deliver shiny eyed confidence for people every day.


Our services are delivered in the following formats: 

       role-play actors  •  scenario based workshops  •  e-learning 

AvatarJo Role-Play actors are...

  • Specially trained

  • Technically confident

  • Data secure

  • Well-equipped

  • Highly regarded

  • Remote delivery experts

  • Kind and friendly. See the feedback our actors get here

You can book our actors for...

  • 1-to-1 Sessions, or 1-to-many, from 30 minutes, whole days etc

  • Small or large scale training requirements

  • You can manage and monitor training from your trainer account... more info here

  • We build bespoke training services too! You can see some here

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Workshops, webinars and masterclasses.

Active participatory workshops, with role-play skills challenges in break out rooms, are a great way to build confidence. Team understanding of how best to communicate for your clients and organisation is quickly established in a safe and supportive environment. Read the feedback here.

Or why not add some scenario based demonstrations to your webinar or masterclass. We also host our own.

All options work well with small and large groups or audiences.




We have our own e-learning courses bookable on our booking page.



If you need scenario-based content for your training course, class or session, talk to us about creating and recording the scenarios you need. Our brilliant online actors are a very economic and efficient way to work with highly skilled professional actors.

Working Remotely

Trainer accounts and solutions

    Account and training options.


  • Manage your actor bookings and scenarios from one online account

  • Capture feedback instantly

  • Pre-buy actor hours on account to use on a range of services at your convenience

  • Buy credits for an organisation or group of people and let them book at their convenience

  • Claim or assign CPD hours and certificates

  • Watch, share and evaluate recordings

  • Monitor, coach and assess performance

  • Choose to attend on any video platform, Zoom, Teams, etc.

  • Let us guide and build your perfect training solution, with expert consultancy from over 20+ years experience of training delivery and 6+ years in remote training experience

  • Make data driven decisions about the communications training in your organisation


Workplace training, for HR, sales, customer service, leadership and  more...for remote teams.
Via video, tele-health specialist in simulated patient/client training and e-learning solutions, for NHS and private sector.
Job Interviews, talking to teenagers, friends and neighbours... the conversations that matter to you.