A user led, agile, sandbox consultancy service for the next generation of health tech solutions. 


Taking the guess work out of adoption in short sprint, scenario based testing with real people and guided by an NHS innovation expert.

The voices of doctors and patients need to be heard throughout health tech innovation, from the first sparkle of an idea to product role out. 

It's only through trying your concept with medically minded, specially trained professional actors that you get a real understanding of strengths & what needs to be changed.

Having felt for yourself how it could work and the reflections, you can rebuild, safe in the knowledge it's even stronger than before. Then repeat as you need.


In health tech innovation there is thankfully a strong commitment to responding to the voice of users, be they clinicians or patients.  For this commitment to be meaningful, it must translate into action which has until now, not been as easy it might seem.   


Health tech innovation enjoys borrowing the tools & techniques well established in software development, namely lean & agile product development.  The core concept is that a product needs to be rigorously tested & evaluated throughout its development.  Rather than being a single distinct phase immediately prior to market deployment, effectively rubber stamping the solution to say ‘patients like this’ it is a thread woven into the development process from the inception.


In trialling AvatarJo with ForMyDoctor’s appointment, it became clear that we had stumbled across an invaluable, scalable & replicable tool in health tech innovation.  It offers a mechanism to embrace user voices, long before we could imagine doing so if we were to go out to real patients owing to all the logistical demands that this necessarily entails.  It also offers a means by which longitudinally the patient-actor voice can be interwoven & embedded in the development process.  The flexibility of being able to book sessions at whatever interval, at any stage in the development process, go away and refashion the offering, return and re-run it with the patient-actors is transformative.  There is none of the sense that our thinking as innovators or indeed the product itself needs to be well formed before trialling it.  In fact, quite the contrary; get the simplest version of the concept possible out there & try it, then work in responses to this feedback in the next iteration.  This is deeply liberating and ultimately will offer far more opportunities for products to spring from concept to mature solution more quickly, at lower cost while consistently embracing the patient voice throughout rather than bolted on as an after thought.

Our Story. 


Richard Pratt

GP, NHS innovation advisor and founder of For My Doctor. Richard comes with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide the clinical and operational insight into developing your idea, service or application.

Sarah Lincoln

CEO of AvatarJo, communications expert and associate lecturer at Falmouth University. Sarah can guide you through the perfect landscape of useful scenario based testing and learning, bringing valuable human and behavioural insite into the development or adoption of your innovation or platform.

Our Service


  • Allows you to test assumptions.

  • Delivers instant human feedback.

  • Enables flexible, cost effective, scenario based testing.

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