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Video Consultation Skills
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Live Scenario Based Training

  • Interactive.


  • Large scale webinars.

  • Workshops and webinars, hosted by you or us.


  • CPD accredited formats.




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  • Skilled.


  • Professional.


  • Tech Proficient.​

  • For 1 to 1 and ​Group Training.

Video Consultation
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Online Learning


  • Accredited.


  • Scenario Based.

  • Engaging.


  • Current.

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Video Library

  • All specialities.


  • Searchable.

  • Subscription.

  • Up to Date Scenarios.


  • Real Clinicians.

Business Video Call

Fully Integrated Remote Training Solutions

Individual and Trainer Accounts

Individual and Trainer Options

   All AvatarJo Accounts offer complete booking, recording, scenario and feedback management.

From one person to thousands, you have complete control over your own or your teams experience.

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What People Say

Emily Atkins - GP Trainee

Interesting, challenging, enjoyable. 

Female Doctor

GP Trainee - July 2020

Supportive, realistic, sensitive

Young Doctor

GP Trainee - July 2020.

Positive, interactive, comprehensive.

“I have been working with Sarah Green and her team for over 5 years as part of the consultation skills element of our GP training programme. The feedback from participants has been very positive. They value the opportunity to try out skills in a safe environment and get feedback from non doctors . Working with professional actors has allowed us to be flexible with the clinical scenarios knowing they can adapt quickly and move in and out of role with ease. “ 


GP, Speciality Training Lead, Exeter.

"It provides superb longitudinal learning opportunities with multiple potential training applications across all healthcare teams. We will continue the pilot on a larger scale in 2019-20 and will evaluate the results of this intervention."

GP Trainer, Dr Matt Bull. 2019.