CSA Exam Services for

Trainees, Trainers and video assessment

A live, via video role-play service

designed in partnership with the NHS.

CSA: Trainee Practice Sessions

  • Real CSA scenarios.

  • 3 or 4 x 10 minute consultation scenarios in one 60 minute session.

  • Shareable free cloud based recording to share with your trainer or independent assessor.

  • Fully structured reflection and learning process.

  • Attend from anywhere, at any time.

  • Book a one off or multiple sessions.

  • Available 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week..

  • Actors from across the UK of all ages and nationalities.


CSA: Trainer and Assessment Services.

  •  Book high volume sessions for your trainees, to self book via a voucher system. 

  • 1 to many group training, converting to break out rooms for trainees

  • Highly cost effective, hassle free experiential learning, from £28, plus vat, per person.

  • Simulated 13 consecutive scenarios with different actors.

  • With or without actor feedback, from the character perspective.

  • Post session feedback forms from the actors characters perspective to any destination.

  • Shareable free cloud based recording to share with a trainer, independent assessor or moderator.

  • Specially trained remote actors, with reliable connection, set up and working in a secure environment.

  • We can train your preferred local actor team.  

"positive; stress-free; enjoyable"

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CSA: Trainee Practice Session

How it works

The CSA role-play service consists of five simple steps, with additional options for video recording feedback.

Step 1

Book a date & time 

for your 60 minute role-play session

Step 2

Fill in the session information form on-screen upon booking

Step 3

Attend your

60 minute via video role-play session 

Step 4

Fill in the post-session review form sent by your actor

Step 5

Watch yourself back and complete the video review form


Who would you like to review your video ?

Choose here.

Watch our CSA Role-play Service Guide

Your video recording feedback options

Option 1 

Share your video with your trainer and ask them for feedback.

Option 2

Request feedback from one of our independent CSA video reviewers.

*fees apply

Option 3

Request feedback from a friend or proffessional mentor.


Questions and Support

Session and bookings support :  Tel: +44 (0) 1736 791 751  / bookings@avatarjo.com


Enquiries : Sarah Lincoln Tel: +44 (0) 1736 791 751   Email: avatarjo.clientservices@avatarjo.com

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