nhs co-designed csa/rca practice service

 GP Trainee - July 2020

Supportive, safe experience. 

Female Doctor

GP Trainee - July 2020

The whole experience was extremely useful. Giving a time out option was useful. Having a great actor who made you believe in the character, it was a much more real experience/ true to life than practicing with colleagues. Thank you so much for your time & help 

Young Doctor

Charlotte Rowe - GP Trainee 

Useful, professional, friendly.

What was the most helpful thing your actor did? Honest feedback and very encouraging. Non judgemental. Space to be honest about my skills and how I can improve. The actor was very convincing and very friendly.

CSA/RCA: Via Video Simulated Patient Practice Session

How a single session works.

The CSA/RCA role-play service consists of four simple steps,

with additional options for session video recording feedback, by trainers, CSA/RCA assessors.


Book a date & time 

for your 60 minute role-play session.


the scenario types you want included in yoursession


Attend your

60 minute via video role-play session.

Practice 3 or 4 - 10minute Consultations. And get patient perspective feedback.



A the end of the session you are given a short guided reflection form, for your CPD log.  


Watch the session video recording back and take a more objective view of your skills, Calculate your score based on CSA/RCA criteria and evaluation form.

Get Feedback 

You can easily 

time code

the video sections you want feedback on. Then send to your trainer or one of our independent GP/Trainer assessors, all just by sharing links.


Watch our CSA Role-play Service Guide


Your video recording feedback options

Option 1 

Share your video with your trainer and ask them for feedback.

Option 2

Send a video link to one of our independent CSA video reviewers.

*fees apply

Option 3

Request feedback from a friend or proffessional mentor.


CSA/RCA: GP Trainee Practice Sessions

  • Real CSA scenarios.

  • 3 or 4 x 10 minute consultation scenarios in one 60 minute session.

  • Shareable free cloud based recording to share with your trainer or independent assessor.

  • Fully structured reflection and learning process.

  • Increased confidence of via video consultation skills.

  • Attend from anywhere, at any time.

  • Book a one off or multiple sessions.

  • Available 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week..

  • Diversity in role-play actors from across the UK.


CSA: Trainer and Assessment Services.

  •  Book high volume sessions for your trainees, to self book via a voucher system. 

  • 1 to many group training, converting to break out rooms for trainees.

  • Highly cost effective, hassle free experiential learning.

  • Simulated 13 consecutive scenarios with different actors.

  • With or without actor feedback, from the character perspective.

  • Post session feedback forms from the actors characters perspective to any destination.

  • Shareable free cloud based recording to share with a trainer, independent assessor or moderator.

  • Specially trained remote actors, with reliable connection, set up and working in a secure environment.

  • We can train your preferred local actor team.  

"positive; stress-free; enjoyable"

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